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  • David Broad

New De Tomaso Nurburgring Production Facility Breaks Ground

De Tomaso recently announced their strategic partnership with Capricorn Group as they expand their global operations to create further success. In conjunction with Capricorn, they will be opening a brand-new state-of-the-art production facility at the legendary Nürburgring which is set for completion in summer 2022.

De Tomaso will be producing the new P72 which is now commencing the build of the final ‘Pre-Series’ Prototypes. A De Tomaso Representative said "as we have now completed the engineering for our production vehicle packaging. In the coming months, we will begin to debut a series of all-new ‘Pre-Series’ Prototypes and will then conduct the final stages of vehicle development, calibration, validation and crash testing prior to the start of production."

P72 deliveries are set to commence in the first half of 2023.

We went to the construction site to see the first foundations being put in place, for those that aren't sure where the new site is being built it is in the large industrial estate opposite the Dottingen Hohe. The large plot of land next to Capricorn and opposite Miltek is where the work is taking place.

It is an impressive site, with such a short timeframe announced to get the building complete and operational it will be really interesting to watch its progress!


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