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Near the top of every petrolheads bucket list has to be a trip to the famed Nordschleife, with its 73 corners, 300 metres difference in elevation over 20.8kms it is a mecca and a right of passage for motorsport fans across the world.

To ensure you have an amazing trip we have put together some of the best tips, tricks and information to make sure you are prepared for the trip of a lifetime and to keep you coming back for years to come.


Check your car

Before you even turn a wheel on track, or have even left your driveway make sure you give your car a good once over. One of the most common causes of closures on track is cars that have dropped oil everywhere of broken down.

Have a check of the following:
Fluids - make sure they are all topped up and more importantly aren't coming back out again!
Brakes - Check the pads and discs have a good bit of meat on them. if you aren't running track focussed ones they will wear out very quickly

Wheels & Tyres - As with the brakes, you will wear the tyres quite quickly also have a look at a wheel balance and tracking.

Insurance - This is a whole topic on its own, just read carefully what your insurance covers!


Packing Essentials

Green Hell card if you have one. You can top it up before you get here on the Green Hell App
Cash & Cards - Lots of places are cash only in the Eifel, make sure you bring enough for things like meals out.

EU Car Safety Pack
Headlight convertors (if you are coming from the UK)

Documents - Make sure you have a copy of yoru car insurance and MOT (Roadworthy test) in case you are stopped.

Sunglasses, scarf, shorts, umbrella - The weather in the Eifel is very unpredictable plan ahead.

Check the roaming on your mobile not all providers are free now.

Masks - There are currently no mask requirements in Germany.

Painkillers - you cant buy even aspirin in supermarkets. bring them with you.

EU Plug adaptors if you are coming from outside the EU and an extension lead so you don't need lots of adaptors 


Packing Extras

Walking shoes, mountain bicycle, kite or binoculars for birds if any of those are your thing as there are some great places for all of them locally.

Offline Music & Video - Dependant on where you are internet may not be available and radio can be patchy


Travel & Accommodation

Pack water and snacks for the journey, depending on how far you are coming.

Don't overpack the car

Plan your route - direct isn't always the best. dependant on where you are coming from you can go through some amazing areas rather than just a motorway only bore-fest see what is on and near your route.

Depending on what you want to do in the evenings you can stay in the more popular areas with more bars and restaurants or stay a bit further away from the track in the amazing countryside all around the area.

There are plenty of great hotels that are walking distance from the track and also a huge selection of b&b's or house rentals all

through the area that will suite all budgets, You can check out the local business directory at the bottom of the page for some of our favourites that we highly recommend.

Handy Google Map Pins:

Ticket office at the Nordschleife entrance

Info Centre

Brunnchen Parking

Hohe Acht Parking

Quiddelbacher Hohe Parking

Bergwerk Parking


Eating Out, Food & Shopping

You will find most of the restaurants in Adenau, you can check out our Local Business Guide at the bottom of the page for some of our favourites.

You will find plenty of Italian food and also some Asian and Steak restaurants and takeaways.

A lot of restaurants are cash only, make sure you check when you book or arrive to avoid the walk of shame to a cash point.

At the track you have a couple of great options like the Devils Diner or The Cockpit at the old entrance.

For groceries you have a few larger supermarkets in the area, Supermarkets are closed on Sundays but bakeries are open in the mornings

If you ever get stuck on a Sunday with no food if the track is open the Diner and the Cockpit will be open and you can get snacks and a small selection of bakery good from most petrol stations.

Generally things close quite early in the Eifel, including petrol stations. Don't get caught short.


Local Tips and some handy phrases

Local Fuel Prices

Helpful words and phrases to use:

Hallo = Hello
Tschüss = Bye
Bitte = Please
Danke = Thanks
Entschuldigung = Excuse me
Sorry = Sorry
Kannst du mir helfen? = Can you help me?
In Sprichst du Englisch? = Do you speak English?

Phrases or words you may see or hear:

Unfall = Accident

Olspur = Oil spill

Geöffnet = Open

Geschlossen = Closed

Local Tips:

Sunday is the quiet day, particularly important if you are in a bnb in a village.

Sundays most shops are shut. Bakeries are open until lunch. Petrol stations are open.

Number Plates that start AW and DAU are locals


Things to leave at home

Attitude - The track is here for everyone to enjoy, you will be sharing the track with novices, locals and also very fast Ring taxis. respect the track and everyone using it and you will have a much better time.

Lap Timers - There are no prizes for coming first, come and enjoy the track and the chance to stretch your cars legs.


Check your car
Packing Essentials
Packing Extras
Travel & Accommodation
Eating Out, Food & Shopping
Things to do beyond the track
Local tips and some handy phrases
Things to leave at home
Map & Local Directory
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