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  • David Broad

Not Just Fast Laps, Now Fast Food

McDonald's takes over iconic Nordschleife location with huge renovation and expansion project.

The iconic Quiddelbacher am Ring Hotel at the Nordschleife has been bought by McDonald's and will be renovated and expanded starting this April, bringing a touch of fast-food flair to the legendary racing circuit. The renovation once opened will see the introduction of some mouthwatering new menu items.

The Quiddelbacher am Ring Hotel, a longstanding fixture at the Nordschleife, has long been abandoned and something we all pass nearly everytime we are at the track. However, with McDonald's stepping in, visitors can now look forward to a delicious fusion of fast food and motorsports culture as they look over the iconic run up to Flugplatz.

McDonald's spokesperson Ronald McRacer commented, "We're thrilled to be expanding our presence in the automotive world by acquiring the old Quiddelbacher am Ring Hotel site. Our new menu items will pay homage to the racing legacy of the Nürburgring, while offering the familiar McDonald's taste that everyone loves."

Among the new items set to make their debut are the "Nurburger," a juicy double-patty burger topped with a special racetrack-inspired sauce, and the fiery "The Onion Rings," which promise to deliver a tasty kick of heat. The vegetarian "Green Hell" menu, named after the Nordschleife's notorious nickname.

Local racing enthusiast, Ray F, couldn't contain his excitement about the change in ownership, saying, "I think it's great! Everyone knows I do love a burger, and I can't wait to play the yearly Monopoly sticker game." fans of both fast food and fast cars will have even more reasons to visit the revamped site.

While some purists may question the arrival of a global fast-food giant, there's no denying that the new and improved restaurant will offer a unique dining experience for motorsport fans around the world.

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