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Nurburgring Food: Eisko Adenau

You have made it here to the Eifel and the Nordschleife and just finished your first laps, it's time to find a place to sit down and share your heroics over some great food. These are some of our favourite places to eat in the area which have great food, locations and owners.

Eisko Adenau

Eisko is one of the best places in Adenau for a quick snack, whether that be a hot snack or a cold treat. The crown of Eisko snacks are their Dutch Frische Pommes (similar to UK chips) which are always freshly made and delicious. you can even get them in a GAINT 700g bucket with a selection of great sauces.

Food Quality and Flavour

The hot snacks are always freshly made and smell and taste delicious, the pommes are made onsite from fresh potatoes and have a great crunch and texture too them. One of our favourite snacks is the beef croquets which you can also have in a bun.

Eisko [as the name suggests] also sells some amazing ice-creams, they have great soft-serve cones with lots of sprinkle options as well as a huge range of scoop ice-creams, far too many to get through in one visit so you will have to come back.

Service and Atmosphere

The team at Eisko are very friendly and welcoming, as with any place in the area if you are able to know even a little bit of German it is always appreciated. The cafe itself is quite small and as they cook everything fresh at busy times you will find a nice queue of people waiting to order, but trust me it is worth the wait. There is no indoor seating at Eisko, but they do have an outdoor terrace with tables and chairs so you can sit and watch the cars go by, even if they are full there are lots of places to perch yourself whilst you enjoy your snacks.

Value for Money

Eisko is really good value for money as the portion sizes are quite large for a "snack cafe" and the quality/flavours are always really good in our experience. Eisko does offer takeaway service for all its food so if you are staying locally you can pop in for a snack to eat back at where you are staying.

Top Tips

There is a large carpark you can use when you visit Eisko behind the Fabry Store, you can see it on Google Maps HERE, If you are going to be parked for less than an hour, there is a button on the parking machine with the Adenau logo on it. press this for a free 1 hour parking pass.

Eisko is closed Monday and Tuesdays, but open the rest of the week 12pm to 7pm.

Overall Experience

If you are either looking for a smaller hot or cold snack or something you can get quite quickly then Eisko is a great place to stop at, it does give a nice alternative to the many many Italian food places locally as well as a nice break from the usual German fries.

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