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The legend that never left The Ring

Five years ago today some of us remember exactly what we were doing and where! Why? Well, sadly we lost not just a good friend but a Legend in his own right! Brendan Keirle aka “The Baron” and the Proprietor of “Sliders Guest House”. We’ll all remember our first encounter with this loveable rogue and the help, advice and laughs, he gave us not to mention the many friends we made through him and “Sliders”.

For us, it was the first month “Sliders” opened. We arrived, walked up the steps to the front door where a key was in the lock and a note said come in! As we opened the door, it hit the wind chimes above it. A guy appeared with a huge warm smile and a beer in hand! “Hi ya, I’m Bren, this is Suz (his then girlfriend who later became his lovely wife) Welcome to Sliders!” We were then shown the important stuff....where the beer was kept The guest eating area back then, was later to become Bedroom 6! From that moment on, we became close friends. Then in 2006, we decided to look for a house out here. We found one, went to see it and made the decision to buy it whilst sitting in Bren’s dining room having a few beers and some Nosh!

Bren following Sabine in the BMW Ring Taxi

Bren was not just a quick guy on two wheels, he was also very handy behind a steering wheel. Even before the “Sliders” days while in the Royal Air Force and stationed in Germany he would almost daily make the two hour pilgrimage to the Nürburgring on a regular basis to perfect his knowledge of the track. Always willing to help others he would go on to become a voluntary roving marshal. Devoting his time to assisting others in trouble was a part of his make up.

Over the years he rode the Nordschleife he would average about two thousand laps a year. He was the host to literally thousands of new visitors to the Nürburgring. Helping them to also fall for the addictive pull of the Nürburgring. He was also sadly the recipient of the award for the most air miles with the ADAC air ambulance. His body was broken and with an excited anticipation he was heading to a new life in Andalusia. The lure of his aching bones being bathed in the warm Iberian Sun was his dream. Well…. that and the lure of early retirement with cheap trackdays on the masses of racetracks that Spain has to offer!

The Friends all gathered to celebrate Bren’s new life ahead in Spain, at the “Comfy Corner” (Gemuchlitche Ecke) in Adenau, and all wished him well and a fond farewell. Little did we all know, that would be the final farewell. The following day was to be his last ever laps on the Nordschleife, however events conspired against him and while alerting other track users of a fluid spill he was involved in a tragic accident that sealed his fate of his last lap being his last. We all hope that you’re looking down on us, laughing with us, reminiscing with us and raising a beer with us.

You will never be forgotten. You are very much missed and you’ll be forever in our hearts. Roy & Kim.

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