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What is Touristenfahrten?

If you are a motorsports and track day enthusiast, then you have probably heard of Touristenfahrten (TF), a unique experience that allows anyone to drive on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, one of the most iconic and challenging race tracks in the world. But what exactly is Touristenfahrten, and how does it differ from a private track day?

Touristenfahrten, which translates to "tourist rides" in English, is a public driving session that takes place on the Nordschleife, which is part of the Nürburgring complex in Germany. Unlike a private track day, where drivers have exclusive access to the circuit, Touristenfahrten allows anyone with a road-legal car or motorcycle to drive on the track at a specified time and date.

One of the key differences between Touristenfahrten and a private track day is how the day and access to the circuit is managed. During a private track day the circuit is closed to the public and only open for the use of the booked participants, there is no "arrive and drive" element. With this in mind you will also find a lot less cars on track at a private track day. You can usually find a combination of the following event rules. There can be different types of events for different types of cars (Street, Track, Race), Slick tyres may be used (usually with a full roll cage) . The track is divided into sessions, with each group of drivers given a specific amount of time to complete their laps. Cars do not have to be road legal and mandatory insurance is not required (Third party liability may vary). On the Nordschleife a lot of private track days are also aimed at experienced drivers Some popular private track day organisers are: Pistenclub

Touristenfahrten, on the other hand, is more casual and is open and accessible for all on an "arrive and drive" basis for anyone who would like to experience a lap. The rules for Touristenfahrten generally follow the regular road laws of Germany, drivers are required to have a full valid driving licence, their cars must be road registered and legal which includes Insurance and a valid car safety inspection (TuV, MOT etc). Unlike a track day Touristenfahrten officially has no timing this means that drivers can take their time and enjoy the track at their own pace, without feeling pressured or rushed.

You may still find the odd lap time "hero" trying to win TF and the golden pineapple so it is a good idea to familiarise yourselves with the rules of Touristenfahrten, some of the key rules are: Only pass on the left with consent

Drivers of vehicles not licensed in Germany must carry proof of insurance.

The sound power level of 130 dB (A) must not be exceeded You can find the official Rules and Safety Guidelines for Touristenfahrten below:

Another key difference is the cost. Private track days are often expensive, with fees ranging from several hundred to several thousand Euros. Touristenfahrten, on the other hand, is much more affordable, with prices starting at 30 euros for a single lap.

You can get a green hell lap card online to buy your laps in advance:

Despite the lower cost and more relaxed atmosphere, Touristenfahrten is not without its risks. The Nordschleife is a challenging and unforgiving track, with steep elevation changes, blind corners, and a variety of challenging turns. As with the normal road, accidents do happen and drivers are advised to take extra precautions and drive within their limits.

Touristenfahrten is a unique and exciting way to experience the Nordschleife, offering a more relaxed and affordable alternative to private track days. Whether you are a seasoned track day veteran or a first-time driver, Touristenfahrten is an experience that you won't forget anytime soon.

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