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  • David Broad

The Mada 9 Taliban Supercar

Some announcements about car releases come out of the blue, this one is one of them. Over the last few days, there’s a chance that you’ve seen some posts and pictures about the Mada 9, which supposedly, is Afghanistan’s first supercar. A car which according to the press releases will be able to compare with the likes of the Bugatti Veyron.......

If the build video below is anything to go by I would take that with a pinch of salt.

But to give them credit, it does appear to move and drive without assistance, thanks to the mighty Toyota Corolla 4 pot under the hood (Apparently) and we all know the Taliban do love a long life Toyota.

Will we see this mighty beast at The Ring anytime soon, well I wouldn't hold your breath. But stranger things have happened.

You can see more "Build and Demo" videos on the ENTOP YouTube channel so you can make up your own mind if we will all be driving a car from Afghanistan soon? Join the conversation on the Forums

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