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Nürburgring Food: 27 Ventisette

You have made it here to the Eifel and the Nordschleife and just finished your first laps, it's time to find a place to sit down and share your heroics over a good meal. These are some of our favourite places to eat in the area which have great food, locations and owners.

27 Ventisette

Location - Facebook - Tripadvisor - tel: +49 2691 938880

Ventisette 27 is Tripadvisors top rated restaurant located in Adenau, it has a rating of 4.8 on Google and is enjoyed by both locals and visitors alike. It should definitely be on your list for a visit when your come to the area whether it be for a nice evening meal or a great lunch.

Food Quality and Flavour

One of the things that Ventisette 27 does very well is the quality of the food. Reviews online frequently praise the restaurant for its fresh ingredients, great dishes and delicious flavours. One reviewer wrote, "The food was exquisite! Every dish was beautifully presented and tasted amazing. You could really tell that the ingredients were of the highest quality." We certainly have our favourite dishes and obviously recommend the many great pizzas, but the Spaghetti Aglio Olio is always really nice and has a nice warm kick to it as well.

Service and Atmosphere

Another aspect of Ventisette 27 that consistently receives high praise is the service and atmosphere. Many people comment on the warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the attentive and friendly staff. One reviewer stated, "The service was exceptional. The staff were very knowledgeable and attentive, and really made us feel like valued guests."

As tourists who became locals, we always have a really great time here and can attest to the fact that everyone is treated really well and all the team are very friendly.

Value for Money

While Ventisette 27 is not the cheapest restaurant in the area it is still very good value for money. The portion sizes are generous, and the quality of the food is very high. One reviewer commented, "This is definitely not the cheapest restaurant around, but it is worth every penny. The quality of the food and the service is exceptional, and it's clear that the owners put a lot of care and attention into every detail."

Dishes start at around €7 (for a simple pizza) and go up to around €16 for the larger dishes, they also have an amazing tiramisu as well which even if you are full up I recommend getting a [huge] slice to takeaway!

Top Tips

There is limited parking for the restaurant and at peak times (if not all times) the restaurant is always very busy. On Sundays if you are struggling for parking you can use the nearby carparks for Rewe, Aldi Sud and Lidl as the supermarkets are closed on Sundays. (Please don't use these car parks when the supermarkets are open as they are for customers only).

Book ahead, In season it can be difficulty in the evenings to get a walk in booking and queues at the door are not unusual. The team will always do their best though to get you a spot and in the summer there is outside seating available at the back of the restaurant where you can hear the cars on track.

If you like your food with a kick, ask to try their special chilli sauce.

Don't ask for pineapple, trust me.

Overall Experience

Overall, Ventisette 27 is a standout restaurant that offers an great dining experience. From the high-quality ingredients and filling dishes, exceptional service and warm atmosphere, it's no wonder that the restaurant has earned so many positive reviews. As one reviewer put it, "If you're looking for a truly special dining experience, look no further than Ventisette 27. This is a restaurant that is truly in a league of its own." Join the conversation on the forums

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